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OFF Festival

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Going with the flow is easy, but we’re no fans of easy solutions. We launched the OFF Festival in 2006 not to win friends, but to intrigue and inspire people, to pose questions, and to provoke outrage and discussion. We certainly appreciate the rave reviews from our audience, the acclaim from the media, and the many awards we’ve received, but what we cherish even more are the many ideas that you came up with at our festival and all the inspirations that influenced your art, your work, and your private lives. The history of the OFF Festival Katowice is made up of dozens, hundreds, perhaps thousands of testimonies to the fact that music changes people. People, in turn, change the world. And we all know that’s something the world really needs right now.

OFF Festival Katowice 2017 line-up includes PJ Harvey, Feist, Swans, Talib Kweli, Shellac, Beak>, The Black Madonna, Wolves In The Throne Room, Daniel Johnston, Preoccupations, Kwadrofonik & Artur Rojek and PRO8L3M.

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  • Dolina Trzech Stawów, , Katowice