Ostróda Reggae Festival 2014

Ostróda Reggae Festival 2014

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Details of event

Ostróda Reggae Festival  14-17.08.2014
14th edition of the Reggae Holiday
Red Military complex, Ostróda 14-100, Poland

Announced artists: Dub Inc (France), The Skatalites (Jamaica, Jafia Namuel (Poland), Pura Vida feat. Congo Ashanti Roy & Watty Burnett (The Congos) (Belgium/Jamaica, Zion Train (UK/Jamaica), Bethel (Poland), Chronixx & ZincFence Redemption (Jamaica), SyjonFam & D’Roots Brothers (Poland)


Reggae, ska and rocksteady spiced with soul vibration, funk rhythms and punky hooks. In Ostróda they will present their latest album „Beat 2 Meet U” and some older classics. „Check it, we will shake this town!”
Cała Góra Barwinków (known also as CGB) started in 2002 in Klobuck but their beginnings reach 1998. Up to now they released 4 albums and managed to have a strong reputation in the Polish music scene. „Beat 2 Meet U”, their latest album, was put out in August 2013.
You could see them at the majority of the Polish festivals, including massive Przystanek Woodstock czy Open'er. CGB first show in Ostroda is dated to 2003. Extended horn section and the bass player/vocalist Kuba Kaczmarek make their style unique. Now they successfully participate in the Polish edition of X-Factor. Cała Góra Barwinków is a name widely associated with good and dynamic dance, optimistic view on the reality and high performance level.



The show of these experts of high octane mixture of ska, reggae, hip- hop, funk and rock is going to be a premiere of their next album. In 2007 they won the Ostroda young bands contest. Then it went went smooth and easy, cause "the fire ignites us but never burns".
Raggafaya was started in the beginning of 2004 in Koszalin. The band was founded by six people, with each of them coming from different musical background, from metal to pop. In 2007 Raggafaya won the Ostróda Reggae Festival’s young bands contest, which resulted in releasing their debut EP "Bongoizm" as a freebie CD to "Free Colours", Polish reggae mag. In 2010 Lou & Rocked Boys label released their first album " Karrambol" promoted with the single "Dźwiękoszczelni". July 2011 saw them winning another bands’ competition at Reggae na Piaskach Festival. Following up, they applied to Polish Woodstock Festival, beating hundreds other bands and becoming a winner of the entire competition. The result was very successful and enthusiastically received show on the main stage (later released on DVD). Today they are considered as a very active band with plenty of shows on their account. They also participated in "Must be the Music", a popular TV talent show, where they reached the final stage and became famous, also thanks to their public suggestion to the Prime Minister to smoke some marijuana. In 2012 they released next album  "Mixturrra". 2013 was another successful year for them, including festival shows in Jarocin, at Africa Reggae Festival, Gdańsk Dźwiga Muzę event and a great return to Woodstock.
Ostróda performance this year will be a premiere show for their third album.



Already known in Poland from Tisztelet sound, The Bartenders or Pablopavo’s band Ludziki. He has just released first solo album, titled „It’s Worth to Brawl” in compliance to his band’s name „Ruffians” - vintage rocksteady, ska i roots on steroids!
Earl Jacob has been a part of Warsaw’s Tisztelet Sound from 2005. From 2009 you can see him on stage with Vavamuffin’s singer Pablopavo very own project Ludziki. Between 2010 and 2013 he also sang for the ska outfit The Bartenders. All this together makes Earl Jacob an experienced singer in the Polish scene. Finally he decided to make his solo album. "Warto rozrabiać" („It’s Worth to Brawl”)  released in 2013 is the result of his 2 years work with respected Polish producer Mothashipp. When they met, they realized they speak a common language – Polish. The album can be described as „reggae on steroids”. Using fantastic session musicians (including horns and strings), they made a combination of classic rocksteady, ska & roots sounds with modern studio techniques.  The songs are about „girls and other issues, their connections, about Warsaw, dancing, slipping and lack of responsibility, as well as how nice is to be who you are and that life is not easy.”
The top hit is a reality story „Your mum likes me more than you”. Among the guests on the album you can hear Ania Iwanek, Skorup, Trzy-Sześć and respected Jamaican production crew Equiknoxx, who comitted one of the remixes.
Earl Jacob performs with his band Zbóje („Ruffians”).


BETHEL (Poland)

They can easily catch your attention with their live energy and due to that they are one of the most gigging Polish reggae bands. The experience gathered at last hundreds of shows can be heard on freshly released second album "Dobrze, że jesteś".
Bethel started in Wroclaw in 2006 initiated by the singer Grzegorz “Wlazi” Wlaźlak. First they were only 3 people and performed under the name Sacrum. Another rehealsals and shows caused changes in the lineup, reaching up to 11 people. Their music was also changing over the time - still around reggae but with a chance to jump to energetic ska and chill out to some dub. At the end of 2010 they released their debut album „Muzyka Serc”, that made them one of the most gigging Polish reggae outfits nowadays. 2012 for Bethel meant important shows as a part of WOSP, a performance for the Polish National Radio Czworka, at Regalowisko or supporting Gentleman and Stephen Marley.
"Dobrze, że jesteś" (Good that You are”) is a title of their second studio album released in the beginning of 2014. It presents again a mixture of styles from pulsating roots reggae through energetic ska to ragga. As featured guest you can hear the musicians of Enej – Polish/Ukrainian sensation powerful voices of Luxtorpeda, major Polish rock act.
Both music and lyrics focus not just on good fun but highlight an importance of another man.



Pura Vida’s achievements are the most beautiful example for the continuation of 70’s roots reggae sound. Adding voices of iconic The Congos from Jamaica, with whom they already made two albums, you can expect a truly unique feast for real roots fans.
Pura Vida is a 11 people group in love with the sounds of vintage reggae from Jamaica, enriched with elements of dub, ska, blues and soul.
Extremely atmospheric, classically played and recorded music full of horns,  percussion, spirituality and space, strictly refers to the greatest achievements of the "golden roots era". The Belgian equivalent of Lee Scratch Perry’s Black Ark studio is called Lost Ark Studio. There in 2006 the band’s leader and vocalist Bregt de Boever launched his concept of Pura Vida - first as a group of friends jamming in the studio, then the sound system, and finally, after winning a local Rototom Sunsplash Reggae Contest 2008, shaping it as a full band.
Their first release was the "Destiny" single with Prince Allah. By now they released four excellent albums, including two being fruits of their visits to Jamaica and common organic work with one of the greatest legends in the world of reggae - The Congos.
Pura Vida also recorded with other prominent figures like Sylford Walker, Horsemouth, Leroy Sibblis, Hugh Blackwood aka Istan Black, Earl Chinna Smith, Addis Pablo and GT Moore. In September 2013 Pura Vida released their last to date album "Red Hot". Soon next releases are to come, including Lee Scratch Perry.
Ostróda show will be their first appearance in Poland.
Congo Ashanti Roy and Watty Burnett of the legendary Jamaican vocal trio The Congos will perform with Pura Vida at the festival.
"Heart of the Congos" album recorded in 1977 with Lee Perry is widely regarded as one of the greatest masterpieces of the whole Jamaican music, with the song  “Fisherman" being an absolute classic hit of the roots reggae era.
The Congos still keep on recording and performing today and the beauty of their music and voices was already experienced by the Polish fans at One Love Sound Fest 2009.


META & THE CORNERSTONES (Senegal, Israel, USA, Japan, Jamaica)

Considered “the future of reggae music”, Senegalese singer Meta Dia and his international band The Cornerstones fuse Jamaican roots with afro-pop, hip-hop, rock and soul in a way Bob Marley would be proud of.
Their music is warm and embodying, immensely addictive, and destined to forever change the dynamics of reggae music. Meta sings his passionate lyrics in English, French, Wolof and Fulani. Born in Senegal, West Africa, lead singer of Meta and The Cornerstones, discovered his love for music and desire to be a musician at a very young age. Listening to reggae greats Bob Marley and Gregory Isaacs helped nurture his admiration and true appreciation for all types of music. As a self-taught musician, by age 14 he was performing on the street and stages of his hometown Dakar, Senegal. In 2000, Meta formed his first band Yalla Suuren (God Bless), which was nominated for Best Hip-Hop/Reggae Group by the French Cultural Center the same year. Within two years, Meta had become one of the premier pioneering voices of the hip-hop culture in West Africa. After relocating to the United States, where he formed Meta and The Cornerstones. With varying ethnicity, religion, and musical influences, Meta & The Cornerstones’ sound is a melting pot rooted in diversity, strength, and unity. International group of musicians combine their creative differences from Africa, the Middle East, the Caribbean, and America, which are clearly expressed in the repertoire of the band’s music. Inspired by Alpha Blondy and Lucky Dubee, they have shared the stage with Reggae stars Luciano, Steel Pulse, Clinton Fearon, Israel Vibration, and Tanya Stephens amongst others. In 2007, the band was personally invited by Senegalese-born international superstar, Youssou N’Dour to perform at his annual African Ball concert at the Nokia Theater in New York. The following year Meta and The Cornerstones proudly released its first album entitled “Forward Music”. Now Meta is the first African artist signed to the iconic record label VP Records. They released their second album “Ancient Power” in April 2013. Recorded at Marley’s Tuff Gong Studio in Kingston and produced by Sidney Mills from Steel Pulse, it links Africa to Jamaica by paying tribute to the ageless sounds of reggae. Highly acclaimed album features U-Roy, Capleton and Damian Marley.
Their show in Ostroda will be the first Polish performance and the festival's return to African sounds of reggae, already presented in the past.



Jamaican Chinese sound system from Miami enjoy worldwide recognition for their wild parties and production work for ones like Sean Paul, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel etc. They will definately move ya body on the Ostróda’s Green Stage dancehall day - enter the dragon!
Black Chiney is a Jamaican sound system based in Miami, Florida. It consists of four Chinese Jamaicans mixed with African descent: Supa Dups, Bobby Chin, Willy Chin and Walshy Killa. The Caribbean slang "Black Chiney" refers to this racial mix. Black Chiney often travels around the world as a sound system and participates in sound clashes in their native Jamaica.
Founding member Supa Dups was a DJ at Miami's WPOW 96.5 radio station. He had an interest in music production and soon began mixing dancehall riddims with hip hop (mainly Miami bass).
Bobby Chin was a selector in Kingston, Jamaica before he migrated to the U.S. at the age of 21. He was a selector for his cousin's Super Power Earthquake sound system in Washington, D.C. Eventually, Bobby Chin joined a Tampa-based sound system called Poison Dart, of which Supa Dups was a member. After Supa and Chin left Poison Dart, the two began collaborating and they produced many dancehall/hip-hop mixtapes. In 1999 Supa Dups released the first mix CD entitled „Black Chiney 1 - Enter The Dragon”. This was the first time the duo used the name Black Chiney. After their mixtapes became popular, in 2001 the pair finally went public as Black Chiney. Black Chiney enjoyed much success in Jamaica, also because of sound clashes.
Willy Chin and Walshy Killa joined in 2003 to help them carry the load of frequent tours around the world.
In 2004, Supa Dups produced the first riddim under the group's newly formed Black Chiney Records. It was called „Kopa” and it proved to be extremely popular. Artists such as Elephant Man, Vybz Kartel, Capleton, Nina Sky and Akon used the riddim and some of these versions became hit singles. Then Black Chiney released „Higher Octane”, „Drumline/Timeline” and „Doctor Bird” riddims, also featuring top Jamaican voices.
Supa Dups is now a Grammy Award winning producer for his work with Eminem and was nominated for another Grammy with Bruno Mars. He has also done work for the likes of Sean Paul, Rihanna, Mary J Blige Drake Tyga and Estelle to name a few...
This special sound system force is coming to Poland for the first time.

MESAJAH (Poland)

Third album of Natural Dread Killaz’ singer "Brudna Prawda" („Dirty Truth”) enjoyed interest far beyond the reggae scene. "We know where we are going and where we are coming from, let’s stand together to create a common front" - Mesajah effectively sets Babylon on fire.
Mesajah, (Manuel Rengifo Diaz) is a Polish singer, songwriter, producer and composer. He is well known as the frontman and co-founder of Natural Dread Killaz band, with whom he started his adventure with music in 2003.
In 2008 he decided to start a parallel solo career releasing the first album "Ludzie prości". It surprised both audience and critics with a unique attitude towards reggae, dancehall, dub and hip-hop. The album single „Każdego dnia” remains a massive hit known not only to reggae fans (11 million views on YT).
In 2012 Mesajah released his second album, „Jestem stąd”. As per the title („I am from here”), it refers to the problem of discrimination against people with a different skin color. It is a call for tolerance and equality, regardless of race, religion or creed. It was promoted with a mega hit featuring Kamil Bednarek „Szukając szczęścia”.
2013 means the latest album, "Brudna prawda". The production involves Adry and Paxon of Popular Station Studio, House of Riddim, Riddim Bandits, Dreadsquad and Emir Kobolic. There is a whole bunch of guests: Abradab, Paxon, Yanaz, OnaManArmy, TaLLib, Grizzlee, Blackout JA and female backing duo I- Grades, performing with  Mesajah both in the studio and on stage.
The artist describes his style as "modern roots".
Accessibility of the message and talent to music made him performing at major music events - One Love Sound Fest, Polish Woodstock, Ostróda Reggae Festival, Regałowisko and many others. He supported Gentleman, Shaggy, Sizzla, Junior Kelly, Stephen Marley, Wu Tang Clan, Anthony B and Alborosie.
In Ostroda you will Mesajah performing with I-Grades and his band Riddim Bandits.



In Poland you can find very few voices like Jarex. With more than 3 decades on stage, Bakshish is still doing well. After "4 I-ver" album, the new single "Źrenica" is a first song of their new material, to be performed in Ostroda.
Formed in 1982 in Kluczbork, Poland, Bakshish are the founding fathers and mainstay of the reggae movement in Poland. They released four albums, each to become an important release in the Polish reggae market. In 80’s Poland was celebrating more of a home grown scene, regarded as the golden era of Polish reggae. Bakshish were at the forefront of that movement. In 1993 they released their debut album ‘One Love’. They were mixing roots reggae, spirituality and a ‘Sly and Robbie-esque’ dub style. In 1994, supported with production skills of Felix Wolter of the German reggae band The Vision, Bakshish put out their next album "Eye". Remembered return was „B-3", released in 2000. The latest chapter of their long story is „4 I-ver” (2012), dub-reggae-soul-jazz excursion with some dose of experimentation. Over the years dozens of musicians played with Bakshish (formerly Bakszysz) but the band’s foundation has always been the singer, Jarek „Jarex” Kowalczyk.
„Always remembered” moments of Ostroda Reggae Festival history are their 25th (2007) and 30th (2012) anniversary shows.



Last year’s winners of British Reggae Industry Awards for „Best International Group” are as constant element of the festival as the local lakes. They don’t have to prove anything – a synonym for good and wise fun return to Ostroda for… 11th time!
They formed in 2003 in Warsaw. Vavamuffin is a combination of two words: Jamaican "raggamuffin" meaning singing style and "Vava" - simply Warsaw. The band consists of both beginners and veterans of the Polish reggae scene.
In Spring 2005 they released their debut album "Vabang", widely considered as a torch that started the next revolution in the history of Polish reggae. It was followed by its remix compilation "Dubang" (2006) and subsequent albums "Inadibusu" (2007), "Mo 'Better Rootz" (2010) and „Solresol” (2013). Since the beginning they are a flagship for Karrot Kommando label. Vavamuffin also released live DVD of their concert at Woodstock Festival, performing for some hundreds of thousands people.
They performed hundreds of gigs, from small clubs to massive audiences at Woodstock, in Poland and abroad (USA, Ethiopia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ireland, United Kingdom). It is always great fun.
The three singers are also busy with their side projects. Pablopavo released three albums with his band Ludziki and one with the producer Praczas. Gorg returned to his new-born urban legend Transmisja and Reggaenerator released a debut album of his rocky band Shark'A'Taak.
Nothing could stop the development of Vavamuffin. As the first Polish artist they were awarded the prestigious British Reggae Industry Award for Best International Group.


DUBSKA (Poland)

„We are going there, we will be there!” – they sing in this year Ostroda’s anthem to announce their show at the festival. Dubska provide hits and moods for years and you won’t find another vocal duo like Mucha & Dymol. Well sung and played old school reggae / ska with dub and soul.
Dubska is one of the leading Polish reggae bands. The group was formed in Bydgoszcz in 1999. Apart from hit songs they also offer lyrical dub / reggae of a moody character. In 2005 Dubska released his first official self-titled album.From local popularity they grown into a band known across the country, with all major Polish festivals already on their account. They also performed in Germany, Greece, Czech and Russia, including Nashestve Festival - the largest outdoor event in the Russian Federation. 2006 saw them releasing "Avokado", another well received album. Dubska is the only Polish reggae band who recorded an album in Russian language. "Dubska Division" is a result of their collaboration with Gera Morales - the leader of culty Russian Jah Division, considered  the godfather of Russian reggae. 2010 marks another release - "Loko - Loko" album. In addition to their usual reggae and ska, the music there echoes also with soul, Latin music, acoustic ballads or even old school funky-disco. In October 2013 they released "Love & Culture" mini-album with covers of the world's masters of harmony and melody. You can hear there classics from the Everly Brothers, Hopeton Lewis, Bob Marley and Black Uhuru. The release was promoted with a series of funny videos, pretending the band is performing on Swedish TV in 80's. Currently the band is working on a new album planned for the release this year.


RAS LUTA (Poland)

Ras Luta needs no introduction. Top voice of Polish reggae, widely recognized from Eastwest Rockers and two solo albums, will present something special in Ostroda. His new, acoustic album „Rzeka życia” will have its premiere show at ORF.
"This project waited to be fulfilled for years. My dream was to record an organic, naturally sounding album using drums, horns and percussion instruments. The album where music itself comes upfront to the production" - says Ras Luta. In some way „Rzeka życia” („River of Life”) is also the documentation of his development as a songwriter and a composer. The oldest song was written over 10 years ago, the most recent was created during the recording session. The album was done with Luta’s band Riddim HQ, I-Grades female backing duo and some guest musicians. Its was recorded during a year using acoustic instruments, magnetic tape and analogue mixer older than the participating musicians, with no deadlines and rush. Recording sessions and mixes took place in respected studios: LWW and Fonoplastykon with Emili Jones (Vavamuffin, Duberman, Ludziki etc.) and Marcin Bors (production for Nosowska, Lao Che, Tabu etc.) among the others. The final output can be heard this summer. The Ostroda show will be first opportunity to experience it live and to listen to some new songs not featured on the upcoming album. The music full of spirituality, an introduction to the festival with the beat of the heart - expect something special!



Jafia Namuel are a separate chapter in the Polish reggae history, with David Portasz always perceived as one of its finest voices and the most charismatic personalities. In Ostróda the band will perform a special 20th anniversary show with special guests and songs from the oldest classics to hot compositions from their freshly recorded new album. Roots reggae we can only be proud of!
Jafia Namuel were formed in Pila in 1994 and their debut album "Roots & Culture" album released in 1996. The band was described as “the most Jamaican band in Poland”. They became popular thanks to “Positive Thinking” song, used for a national promo compaign of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity action. Jafia Namuel success at that time was possible also due to more than 100 shows a year performed not only in Poland, but also in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany and France.
However, in 2000 Jafia Namuel suspended their activities and Dawid left for London. They got back together in 2006 for Ostróda Reggae Festival.
After 10 years since the recording session, in 2009 "In Time" album was finally released. Half-accoustic sound of the album was described as retro or smooth reggae. The crew for the session was joined by a great Polish saxophonist Mateusz Pospieszalski. 2012 saw them releasing „One Love Train” – live album recorded for the Polish National Radio Channel 3, a beautiful tribute to Bob Marley.
In the meantime Dawid Portasz was also a half of Rastasize project, who went to Jamaica’s Tuff Gong and recorded “Day by Day” album in 2008 as the first Polish artists ever there. Dawid also released „I” album with Warsaw’s reggae/ethno outfit Sedativa.
Now Jafia Namuel is putting finishing touches to their brand new studio album.
At their special 20th anniversary show in Ostróda you will hear old and new songs with guest musicians and extended versions.  Original roots music and mystic atmosphere at their shows decide that Jafia Namuel is a band one of their kind.



One of the most interesting Polish reggae voices returns to premiere his solo album in Ostroda. Known and remembered as the unique singer of the roots sensation ComeYah band, he will take you for a brand new journey.
"Since at the age of 13 I learned a few chords on the guitar, I have never left it alone. I write songs to express what I feel" – says Damian "SyjonFam" Skoczylas.
His musical career began in 1996 when Natura, memorable Polish reggae group, invited him to work together. The recording session of their "Wielki Haj" album was his first experience with professional musicians. After several shows played together Damian left for London with a desire to improve his knowledge of music. He completed a sound production course there. The new experience was used in production of a demo with a local acapella project called Specjalis. When in 2007 Damian got invited to participate in Natura anniversary show,  he realized that people need roots reggae – the vibration that has the power to unite. In 2007 he founded the band ComeYah with himself as a singer, a songwriter and one of the composers. A year later they recorded "Analog Bar Session" demo, to hit Poland with their impressive debut album „Na Wschód” („To the East”) in 2012. The whole pressing sold out and the title track became one of the most beautiful Polish roots reggae anthems.
However, soon after the release Damian left the band and stayed silent abroad.
2013 saw him returning as the work on his solo album began. The production involves Austrian band House of Riddim, Bass Galore Productions - Dutch production team, Polish Krystian K - Jah Walczak, Lublin’s riddim band D' Roots Brothers and Watzek Wawrzyniak, who is the producer of most songs on the album.
At the end of summer Lou & Rocked Boys label will release his album „Wracam do domu” ("Returning home").
Ostróda Reggae Festival performance with Damian SyjonFam backed by D' Roots Brothers will be the official premiere of this very promising release.
Damian says on its contents: "I still write, sing and record music that asks uncomfortable questions and tells the story of a real home that we miss so much.  It warns you of deception we experience today. However, most of the music I dedicate to the infinite and omnipresent Love."



Check this unique sound and a distinctive singer. Kacezet has a lot to say and nobody can copy his style. Last year’s album released with his band Fundamenty just proved this. Somewhere between reggae, folk, blues and urban sounds - original vibe!
His adventure with music began at high school, learning to play the electric guitar. Between 2002-2008 he performed with Tabula Rasa band, and released „Niczego” album (2006). In the same time KaceZet made his first steps into the sound systems world, performing with Soundz of Freedom. However, it was „Stara szkoła” album with Dreadsquad (2009 ) that made him popular.
In 2011 KaceZet released his first album with Fundamenty band including, among the others, Dżeksong Onaszkiewicz - the leader of the legendary Warsaw’s band Immanuel and his son Benjamin. Kacezet’s musical formula was enriched with urban folk and blues.
Last year KaCeZet & Fundamenty released another album "Dziennik Kapitana cz. I", with guests like Kamil Bednarek, Pezet and Pablopavo - popular representation of Polish reggae and rap. KaCeZet shows a great style his with catchy flow and delightful parallels. He manages to talk about important and serious matters, avoiding falling into the trap of pathos and banality.


ZION TRAIN (UK / Jamaica)

The most respected name in the global digital dub will ride Ostroda with a special show for their 25th anniversary. Alongside DJ Perch, the extended lineup for this night includes three horns and on the mike duties: Dubdadda (UK), Jazzmin Tutum & Fitta Warri (Jamaica). Radical dub dance party at its best!
Zion Train are digital dub pioneers and have been undisputed leaders in the genre for 25 years. They were the very first artists to carry the torch of electronic reggae to Poland.
Zion Train was founded by Perch (live dub mixing/production) in 1990 in London. The live line-up has always been very flexible, varying from Perch and a vocalist for sound-system gigs, to the full lineup for larger events. From 2006 Molara concentrated on her solo projects and Zion Train live features a variety of renowned vocalists, most often Dubdadda of former Nucleus Roots band.
Their early releases „A Passage to Indica”, „Natural Wonders of the World in Dub” and „Siren” led to the release of culty „Homegrown Fantasy” in 1995. Perch can be also seen in Abassi All Stars and is very active as a musician, DJ, producer and remixer.
He believes in independent spirit in music business, fully controls his output and highlights positive message in his music.
First Zion Train shows in Poland took place in 1996 and since then they performed here dozens of times, including the largest dub show ever for 300.000 at Przystanek Woodstock Festival in 2004.
Their album „Live As One”  (2007) is a winner for Best Dub Album by Jamaican Reggae Academy. The latest album „State of Mind” (2011) features Brinsley Forde of legendary Aswad.
For their special 25th anniversary show you will see them with extended 3-piece British – Italian horn section alongside Dubdadda (UK), Jamaican dub poetress Jazzmin Tutum („Share the Flame” album produced by Perch) and energetic Jamaican Fitta Warri already known from earlier releases and shows with the band.
Get ready brothers and sisters!



They take the audience to a hallucinogenic reality reminiscent of a prior smoke-laden, psychedelic era. The Ostroda show is a part of European tour celebrating the anniversary of the most unique cover album in reggae history, where Pink Floyd classic was put into another dimension with a visionary dub/roots treatment. You will experience it in its full length.
“Dub Side of the Moon is fun”
David Gilmour, Pink Floyd

Combining musical versatility, instrumental prowess, beautiful vocal harmonies and a superb rhythm section, the Easy Star All-Stars have established themselves as one of the top international reggae acts since their live debut in 2003. Thanks to their best-selling tribute album releases, “Dub Side of the Moon” (2003), “Radiodread” (2006), “Easy Star’s Lonely Hearts Dub Band” (2009), “Easy Star's Thrillah” (2012), the remix album “Dubber Side of the Moon” (2010), as well as original releases “Until That Day” EP (2008) and “First Light” (2011), the Easy Star All-Stars have built a growing, dedicated fan base throughout the world, bringing together fans of reggae, classic rock, dub and indie rock into one big family.
Originally formed in 1997 for Easy Star Records' earliest recordings, the Easy Star All-Stars existed mostly as a studio entity until releasing Dub Side of the Moon in 2003. The group, which operates as a collective with a rotating cast of musicians and singers, was put together by Easy Star co-founders Michael Goldwasser, Eric Smith and Lem Oppenheimer. These three have directed and managed the band ever since. The band has toured in over 30 countries on 6 continents. They’ve played most of the major festivals throughout the world, including an unprecedented three-day, three-stage stand at Glastonbury in 2009, which earned them a UK Festy Award Nomination that year.
“Dub Side of the Moon” spent over 5 years on Billboard's Reggae Chart. MOJO picked it as the second best cover album of all time. “Radiodread” spent almost 2 years on Billboard's Reggae Chart and earned praise from the members of Radiohead themselves.
As individuals, the band’s vocalists and instrumentalists have toured and recorded with Gil-Scott-Heron, Burning Spear, Toots and the Maytals, The Toasters, The Meditations, Bernie Worrell, DJ Logic, MC Solaar, King Django, Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra, The Scofflaws, Diana King, Dennis Brown, Monty Alexander, Sister Carol and many others.
The band has been celebrating the 10th anniversary of the release of Dub Side of the Moon, one of the most successful reggae albums of all the time.
Pink Floyd’s classic album “Dark Side of the Moon” was released in 1973 and became one of the most important releases in rock music history.


For a long time no one in the Jamaican reggae scene achieved so much in such a short time. Why? You can check yourself at the first Polish show of the new roots global star.
“Completely fresh, uplifting and very pure. It's fantastic for someone so young to be able to communicate his message in the way he does and entertain at the same time."
Chris Blackwell (Island Records)
With a big smile and an engaging personality, he confidently set out to make his mark in music, by writing his first song 'Rice Grain' by the age of five and going on to be choir director and worship leader at 11. Coached by Danny Browne, he recorded his first song with him in 2003. Always displaying his versatility, Jamar, as a young man at St. Catherine High School, harmonised for gospel artistes such as Jermaine Edwards and reggae artiste Lutan Fyah.
Instead of going on to Edna Manley College as planned, he, along with other members of the Jah Ova Evil family, released singles.
“Here Comes Trouble”, “They Don’t Know”, “Smile Jamaica”, “Behind Curtain” or “Warrior” are enjoying heavy rotation on reggae shows all around the world and viewed millions of times. His “Start A Fiyah” mixtape with Walshy Fire of Major Lazer enjoys more than 100,000 downloads now.
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One of the most interesting Polish reggae voices returns to premiere his solo album in Ostroda. Known and remembered as the unique singer of the roots sensation ComeYah band, he will take you for a brand new journey.
In 2007 he founded the band ComeYah with himself as a singer, a songwriter and one of the composers. A year later they recorded "Analog Bar Session" demo, to hit Poland with their impressive debut album „Na Wschód” („To the East”) in 2012. The whole pressing sold out and the title track became one of the most beautiful Polish roots reggae anthems.
2013 saw him returning as the work on his solo album began. The production involves Austrian band House of Riddim, Bass Galore Productions - Dutch production team, Polish Krystian K - Jah Walczak, Lublin’s riddim band D' Roots Brothers and Watzek Wawrzyniak, who is the producer of most songs on the album.
At the end of summer Lou & Rocked Boys label will release his album „Wracam do domu” ("Returning home").
Ostróda Reggae Festival performance with Damian SyjonFam backed by D'Roots Brothers will be the official premiere of this very promising release.

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