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Open`er Festival

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OFF Festival Katowice

Dolina Trzech Stawów, Katowice

04.08.2017 until 06.08.2017

Ticket prices:
    - 550 PLN (~131 EUR) - 4-day ticket
    - 630 PLN (~150 EUR) - 4-day ticket with camping
    - 350 PLN (~83 EUR) - Weekend Ticket
    - 207 PLN (~49 EUR) - Day Tickets

Children under 3 years of age: free admission.

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Open`er Festival 2015

Trwają przygotowania do przyszłorocznego Open'era! Przed nami miesiące ogłoszeń artystów i oczekiwania na te cztery lipcowe dni.

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Modest Mouse
A$AP Rocky
Major Lazer
Enter Shikari
The Libertines
Of Monsters and Men
Mumford & Sons
D’Angelo And The Vanguard
The Prodigy
The Vaccines
Lao Che
Die Antwoord
Natalia Przybysz
Alabama Shakes
Eagles Of Death Metal
José González
Django Django
Fisz Emade Tworzywo
Curly Heads
Jonny Greenwood & London Contemporary Orchestra
The Dumplings
St. Vincent
Years & Years
Domowe Melodie
ALTER STAGE Father John Misty
Two Gallants
Of Montreal
Thurston Moore
Julia Marcell
BEAT STAGE George Fitzgerald

A$AP Rocky - 01.07

A$AP Rocky Photo New York hip hop did not have such as incisive figure as A$AP Rocky for a long time. Incisive, talented and engaged into few domains at once. That's because A$AP Rocky is not only a rapper, but also record producer (hidden under the pseudonym of Lord Flacko), head of the record label A$AP Worldwide, film director and  fashion designer. In 2011 he released a mixtape "Live. Love. A$AP", after which signing a contract worth few millions dollars became just a formality. A$AP's long-playing debut - "Long. Live, A$AP" - appeared at the beginning of 2013 and only raised the bid. In the group of producers, besides mentioned Clams Casino,there also appeared Skrillex, Danger Mouse and Hit-Boy. The album debuted on the top of Billboard list and was received positively by the critics.

Agyness B. Marry

Agyness B. Marry Photo Singer, guitarist and lyricist, Agyness B. Marry lives and works in Warsaw. At the concerts, she is accompanied only by drums and bass. Her only second concert happened to be at an important showcase. Her eponymous debut album is comprised of 12 raw rock tracks, recorded with no tweaks.  The recordings were overseen by Maciej Cieślak of Ścianka and Lenny Valentino. Agyness B. Marry created and album to unite gentleness with boundaries of garage sound.

Alabama Shakes - 01.07

Alabama Shakes Photo Today, when we announce their Gdynia performance, they're on the verge of releasing their new, sophomore album "Sound & Color". “We took our time to write this record, and I’m really glad we did,” says Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist of Alabama Shakes, about the band’s new album Sound & Color. "We were able to sit down and think about what’s exciting to us, explore all the things we wanted to on our first album. This record is full of genre-bending songs— it’s even harder now when people ask, ‘What kind of band are you?’”. "Sound & Color” is the eagerly anticipated follow-up to the Shakes’ 2012 debut Boys & Girls, which earned the group three Grammy nominations, including a nod for Best New Artist. The gold-certified album’s breakthrough (over half a million copies sold in the US) paved the way for the Shakes to become one of the most celebrated live acts in the world.

Alt-J - 01.07

Alt-J Photo> The group from Leeds, who earned their place in music encyclopedias with debut album An Awesome Wave, had all the reasons to rest on their laurels. Yet...the band was not stopped by neither the enormous popularity of their first album, nor the killer two years on tour, nor personal changes..
It even seems that in 2014, Alt-J returned stronger and more settled in their musical choices than before. They did a great job making Their band a trio. To record This Is All Yours, they used the same studio as they did for their debut, again working with Charlie Andrew.
Their tried-out ways worked fine. This Is All Yours scored great reviews, the album debuted at #1 of the UK Top 40, and Miley Cyrus turned out to be a legit source of great samples. Electronica, pop and musical experiments galore are still the best ways to describe Alt-J's music, not always easy listening, but authentic enough to let the group fill in the biggest venues in England and build up their position over the Atlantic. Much awaited in Poland, they bring This Is All Yours to Open'er this coming July!

Chet Faker - 01.07

Chet Faker Photo While charts and influential blogs praised the so-called hipster R’N’B”, Nicholas James Murphy, a 25-year-old from Melbourne, decided to go against the flow and go into soul music, of course tweaking the classic genre with a huge dose of electronica. He had a perfect voice to sing it, as wella s excellent musical ideas. It worked very quickly. First, the cover of Blackstreet's "No Diggity", then, his first own release "Thinking In Textures" followed by an EP shared with Flume. Within a year, Chet Faker became one of the most widely commented new artists. He was not only able to keep the interest in his artistry, but also multiply it. Therefore, all subsequent singles, including the outstanding "Fool Of Me”, "Melt" and finally "Talk Is Cheap" and "Gold" became hits. In April last year, Faker finally released the debut album "Bulit On Glass". First-class electronica and neo-soul brought an album with a definite impact in 2014. The case is similar with his Open'er debut. Chet Faker performs in Gdynia on July 1!

Curly Heads - 02.07

Curly Heads Photo Dawid Podsiadło returns to Open'er, this time with his original band Curly Heads! The band stayed friends during the most stormy days of Dawid's solo career and thanks to this, they could return to playing together without any pretense, leading to the album "Ruby Dress Skinny Dog", released last fall. The LP instantly went gold, and Curly Heads became Premier League of rock thanks to their energy and natural charisma.

D'Angelo And The Vanguard - 03.07

D'Angelo And The Vanguard Photo We've been waiting very long for D'Angelo's concert in Poland, but the moment when he will turn up in our country couldn't be better. Two months ago D'Angelo released "Black Messiah" - the third album in his career. The "Black Messiah" collecting only amazing assessments in a few years will be placed on equal with the previous works from the artist - released in 1995 debut "Brown Sugar" and its successor, one of the most important albums from the breakthrough of the centuries - "Voodoo". The new album has been released after a 15 years silence. His outlook on soul, r'n'b, jazz, funk is special, as it used to be in the moment of releasing his debut. He always outrivals the competition.

Die Antwoord - 01.07

Die Antwoord Photo Some people would love that, if Die Antwoord would became an only one-year Internet sensation, a fleeting hype for young people, who's music taste changes as often, as the flat cases for smartphones. Today, after 6 years since their debut album, they have already three albums on their account, huge group of fans, thanks to whom, they appear in the first lines of festivals' line-ups. Die Antwoord have based their promotional strategy on their exotic origins and aesthetic of shock. Both these things wouldn't work such successfully without their music. And their music is throughout modern, derives from the hip hop and strongest electronic genres.  Ninjy's brutal rap corresponds with exaggerated  Yo-Landi's melodeclamations. Such mixture worked on their debut "$O$", as well as on another two albums, which were released by the record label established by the band.  The latest album - "Donker Mag" - turned out to be the biggest commercial success in band's history, and again allowed us to feel amazing charisma  of Die Antwoord.

Disclosure - 04.07

Disclosure Photo Their 2013 debut "Settle" debuted as UK Top 40 #1 and scored great reviews, followed by topping end-of-the-year listings and Grammy and BRIT Awards nominations. Howard and Guy Lawrence is the first electronic live act in a number of years to equal the 1990s electronica stars in popularity. Disclosure boldly mark their place among the most popular rock and alternative bands, successfully heading for headlining positions at many events. This year, they return to Open'er with a special show, one the few planned for this year's festival season.

Django Django - 02.07

Django Django Photo In 2012, they scored a dream album debut. The reviewers praised their musical erudition, bold genre mixing and influences ranging from Krautrock to The Shins-esque soft indie rock. The industry nominated their album for Mercury Music Prize, and they themselves appeared one of the UK's most ordinary bands, as if this whole buzz was about someone else. Django Django finally come to Poland. They play Open' er and therefor, we'll all be able to see whether the legends on their live performances are true. Gdynia will witness songs from the new album, preceded by single "First Light".

Domowe Melodie - 04.07

Domowe Melodie Photo Exactly two months ago, they released a great new album. And over 7 months ago, they interrupted their holidays to perform as a replacement, especially for you. Always exceptional for us - welcome to Open’er!

Drake - 01.07

Drake Photo Currently, there is no other artist to match huge worldwide popularity with acclaim from demanding musical milieux and artistic success, measured not only with the number of copies sold, but also with reviews and high chart positions. After a string of well-received mixtapes, the rapper debuted in 2010 with "Thank Me Later” LP. The producers and guest feature, among others, Alicia Keys, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Timbaland and Lil Wayne, who is still enjoying a special bond with Drake. "Thank Me Later" had a great buzz. Released in 2011, "Take Care", a duet with Rihanna, became an international hit and made the so-titled LP one of the key ones in 2011. "Take Care" won a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and for the first time in many years, it was an obvious choice. The album became a classic on the release day. And a very popular one, at that. It sold over 2 million copies in the US alone.

Drake's third LP, "Nothing Was The Same" included, among others, "Started from the Bottom” and "Hold On, We’re Going Home” – best song of 2013 according to Pitchfork. It was deemed album of the year by all major hip-hop media. - "Drake is the people's rapper, a smart kid conflicted about his fame, heart, family, everything except his mic potency.. But what makes his lonely fantastic voyage matter is its emotional weight which gets crucial amplification from whirlpool beats."

The unannounced release of Drake’s next mixtape, "If You're Reading This It’s Too Late" came as a huge surprise for everyone. In February, after "If You Reading This..." already went on sale, Drake equaled with the over 50-year-old The Beatles record. It came when in a single week, the Billboard 100 featured as many as 14 of his songs. Drake has also beaten his own record, the most popular album on Spotify. In its release week, "If You’re Reading This…" was streamed over 17 million times.

Eagles Of Death Metal - 02.07

Eagles Of Death Metal Photo If the relations among bands would look like a family tree, Eagles Of Death Metal would be the younger brother of the Queens of The Stone Age. The leader is the same, the name is similarly sprawled to the half of a page in the Word document and the same rock madness with a big doze of a humour. Well, we have missed their embodiment of an American rock, full of testosterone, which has never crossed the border of a kitsch. Homme and Hughes have combined a tradition of hardrock with the dust of a Californian Desert on three albums, inviting to the cooperation i.a. Dave Grohl, musicians from the QOTSA and Mark Lanagan. Although their last album - "Heart On" appeared in 2008, the name Eagles of Death Metal was constantly used in Open'er surveys and forums dedicated to the festival. The announcement of their concert at Open'er is also a signal , that musicians are working on their new album, which - let's hope so - will appear in the first half of 2015.

Enter Shikari - 02.07

Enter Shikari Photo In exactly a month, on April 27, George FitzGerald will release his long-awaited debut album "Fading Love". It'll be a set of productions from this one of the most popular house and bass DJs, whose track "Child" became a huge dance hit in 2012. During a few years, FitzGerald released on the hot Hotflush and Aus Music labels, later to finally settle with Double Six, a dance division on Domino Records. Since a few seasons, FitzGerald - a Londoner permanently residing in Berlin - tours the world's best electronic festivals to finally visit Open'er on July 4 and play Beat Stage!

Faithless - 02.07

Faithless Photo Faithless formed exactly 20 years ago in London with Maxi Jazz, Sister Bliss and Rollo. They released six studio albums and a compilation of hits, which earned 4 platinum albums in the UK alone! In total, they sold over 15 million albums worldwide, making Faithless one of the iconic groups in electronica over the past 20 years. - The group were famous for trance-like, energetic concerts, where electronica molded into a precise, almost rock-like dimension. Live, Faithless did a lot more than just hide behind the decks, they got the audience involved, by and large thanks to the unique charisma of Maxi Jazz, who could reach the audience perfectly, never losing his halo of mystery. In 2011, the group has decided to go on hiatus. Today, they return as Faithless 2.0, celebrating their 20th anniversary with a series of exclusive concerts, also including an Open’er 2015 performance!

Father John Misty - 01.07

Father John Misty Photo Father John Misty is one of musical embodiments of Joshua Tillman, vocalist, guitarist, pianist and for years the drummer in Fleet Foxes formation. He's been performing with them after releasing the debut "Fleet Foxes"  and he also recorded the drum sections for the second album "Helplessness Blues".  After the end of the tour promoting this album. Contact with the  Sub Pop resulted in releasing the debut in this notable label. On "Fear Fun" Tillman left the classical folk music enriching it with psychedelic sounds and independent rock. New album, released in January "I Love You, Honeybear", is again a fusion of few genres, in which Misty feels the best, although it is played with greater precission and true musical passion. "I Love You, Honeybear" was received positively by music journalists and now is aspiring to the name of one of the most important albums of 2015.

Fisz Emade Tworzywo - 02.07

Fisz Emade Tworzywo Photo „Mamut” to kolejne muzyczne oblicze braterskiego duetu jakie przychodzi nam obserwować w ciągu ostatnich lat. I kolejne, które zaskakuje jakością, zaangażowaniem i pomysłowością. To nadal hip hop, ale rozbudowany o różnogatunkowe fascynacje Piotrka i Bartosza Waglewskich. Doskonałym dowodem niech będzie taneczny „Pył” czy zaaranżowane wyłącznie na perkusję i pianino „Ślady”, brzmiące jak jazzowy standard i od kilku tygodni utrzymujące się na pierwszym miejscu Listy Przebojów Trójki.

Flume - 04.07

Flume Photo One of the hottest names in modern dance music. This young producer took the scene in his native Australia by storm to quickly become a global star of the genre. He has a well-received album, simply entitled "Flume", as well as remixes for Arcade Fire, Chet Faker, Disclosure and Lorde to his credit. A big hope for electronica, he has all it takes to rise to these expectations in the coming years!

George Fitzgerald - 04.07

George Fitzgerald PhotoIn exactly a month, on April 27, George FitzGerald will release his long-awaited debut album "Fading Love". It'll be a set of productions from this one of the most popular house and bass DJs, whose track "Child" became a huge dance hit in 2012. During a few years, FitzGerald released on the hot Hotflush and Aus Music labels, later to finally settle with Double Six, a dance division on Domino Records. Since a few seasons, FitzGerald - a Londoner permanently residing in Berlin - tours the world's best electronic festivals to finally visit Open'er on July 4 and play Beat Stage!


HV/NOON Photo There is no country in which Hozier would not make it to the top of charts and sales lists, from Billboard, through the UK Top 40, to the Polish Radio 3 charts. All this thanks to a track which is not only an open critique of the Catholic Church, but also became a voice of protest against the Russian law forbidding the "non-traditional sexual relationships propaganda". In addition, in its musical aspect, "Take Me To Church" is not a typical "radio hit", using metric structures less liked by listeners. A recording that made Hozier a big star in just a year was featured on his debut album, simply entitled "Hozier". The album was released last September and, naturally, found thousands of buyers. In a few weeks, Andrew Hozier-Byrne, a 25-year old from Bray in Ireland, may receive a Grammy Award for Song of the Year. On July 4, he definitely performs in Poland for the first time, at Open’er Festival.

Jonny Greenwood & London Contemporary Orchestra - 03.07

Jonny Greenwood and London Contemporary Orchestra Photo The classical renditions of contemporary music at Open'er dates back to 2012, when Krzysztof Penderecki and AUKSO orchestra performed Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima and Polymorphia in front of multi-thousand audience. The summer of 2013 brought one of Steve Reich's masterpieces, Music for 18 Musicians, to Open'er. What both the festival nights had in common was Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. At the first time, AUKSO orchestra performed two of Greenwood's compositions: Popcorn Superhet Receiver and 48 Responses to Polymorphia, and a year later, Greenwood himself appeared at Open'er to play his own interpretation of Steve Reich's Electric Counterpoint, which got great reviews from contemporary music critics and experts. The next year's Open'er will see Greenwood both as a composer and artist.
He will perform with London Contemporary Orchestra, delivering some of his film scores: There Will Be Blood, The Master and Norwegian Wood, as well as works from classical contemporary composers: Philip Glass, Michael Gordon and Xenakis. The repertoire will change with every performance, so every performance is unique, and there will be very few of them next year. The Radiohead guitarist and the London orchestra gave a first taste of their work together during a Boiler Room session, becoming its first act outside electronica and alternative. “It’s exciting, things can go wrong," Greenwood commented on the performance. Seven months before Greenwood's next visit to Poland, we share this excitement, knowing nothing can go wrong. On the contrary; we can expect one of the greatest musical highlights of 2015.

José González - 02.07

José González Photo A new album from José González titled "Vestiges & Claws" will appear on February 16th. The third solo album from the popular Swedish singer-songwritter will be a natural closure of a musical thrilogy, started in 2005 with an album "Veneer". Thanks to the popularity of a single "Heartbeats" it was sold only in Great Britain in almost half of million copies. "In Our Nature" released two years later was a development of folk musik sounds reaching to Gonzalez's Argentinean roots. Afterwards a musician got involved into more electronic project Junip ( whith whom he performed at Open'er in 2013) also he was composing film music. Today he comes back to his the best known face - subtle, guitar folk music, suffused with melancholy and an unexpected rhithmicity. "Vestiges & Claws" was whole recorded and produced by Gonzalez. The musician even recorded the drums parts by himself. Everything only for one purpouse, to create an unusually personal album , which we will hear in July at Open'er.

Julia Marcell - 03.07

Julia Marcell Photo Julia returned last year after a few year's break with new album "Sentiments". The record radically differs from the hit-laden "June". Recorded live, it blends freshness and energy of a  concert line-up with thought-out, minimalist arrangements. Many different colors and different emotions are present, and voice and lyrics are at the centre of everything - sometimes fairytale-like and abstract, sometimes telling immediate, disturbing stories, starring characters from memories and daydreams, be they imaginary or flesh-and-blood. The album features a guest appearance from Swans' Kristof Hahn.

Kasabian - 04.07

Kasabian Photo The band – vocalist Tom Meighan, guitarist/occasional singer Sergio Pizzorno and drummer Ian Matthews - formed in 1997. Despite first beginning to record material in the late ‘90s, the band didn’t release their eponymous debut album until 2004 – but it was their run of ever-increasingly popular singles, Processed Beats, Reason Is Treason and Club Foot, which truly brought them mainstream attention.
Their second album, ‘Empire’ was a huge success, secured them love from UK fans, who saw them as next step after the legendary Stone Roses and Oasis, spawning a further run of hit singles while the album itself debuted at Number One on the UK Albums Chart. Its follow-up, ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’, again produced by Dan the Automator, was braver and bolder but still no less popular: in additions to scoring them a consecutive Number One, it was also nominated for the 2009 Mercury Music Prize, Q Awards and Brit Awards. Its leading single Fire went on to become the Premier League theme song. The band’s fourth album, ‘Velociraptor’, was released in September 2011 to widespread critical acclaim, hailed by many as their finest effort to date. 2012 was a huge year for the Leicester band – but then, every year has seemed colossal for Kasabian recently.
Having moved away from psychedelic breakdowns and interludes, the band have claimed they’re going leftfield with the next album. However far Kasabian venture into the leftfield, though, it was unlikely that it would hinder their popularity. The most recent effort, ‘48:13’, came in an eccentric pink package decorated with timecodes, and the title is a sum of the songs’ running time. The band painted it themselves on the wall of their design studio in London. Despite these steps, what the audience got was another strong album, which sees Kasabian venturing in new, original directions. As the 4th album in a row, it tapped #1 in the UK charts, and NME Magazine announced on the cover: 'The Band Of 2014 Plot World Domination'. ‘It sounds like a band coming to terms with who they are and who they’re making music for, tossing pretence aside, and concentrating on being themselves,’ Drowned in Sound reported in a review, and it best sums up the new album and the status of the band.

Kaytranada - 04.07

Kaytranada Photo A young producer from Montreal, quickly growing to be a key figure of the scene. His flawless productions, remixes and reworks found hundreds of thousands of fans within a few years, and this group is still growing. Kaytranada can get signed with XL Recordings one day and release a completely free .zip file with a dozen productions on the next one. This was his work ethics of choice from the very beginning. Self-and small label releases intertwine, and remixes for Beyoncé, Janet Jackson and Pharrell have their place along those for JMSN or BadBadNotGood. He's earning comparisons to the gone-too-soon J Dilla and indeed, funk bass, drum swings and sense of melody build up a perfect blend of electronica, hip-hop and r'n'b.

Kodaline - 01.07

Kodaline Photo The Irish city of Dublin has already made itself a name in the history of music. The name was basically one letter and an accompanying number. 35 years after U2's debut, Kodaline, previously known as 21 Demands, formed in the Irish capital, and now they're set for their first ever performance in Poland at Open’er Festival. Kodaline base their musical style on indie rock and folk fusion in the vein of Mumford and Sons or Bombay Bicycle Club. Their debut album "In a Perfect World" was released in June 2013. It topped the Irish sales charts and went on to #3 at the UK Top 40. The band also built a strong following in the US. The new Kodaline album "Coming Up for Air” was produced by Jacknife Lee, who previously worked in the studio with the aforementioned U2, R.E.M. or Bloc Party.

Major Lazer - 02.07

Major Lazer Photo Although the title of their newest release is a direct reference to Polish poet Jan Brzechwa and his oeuvre "Brzechwa Dzieciom", this is not a children's album This is an album for grown-up children, for those who have children and for anyone who ever used to be a child. Band leader Spięty presents a deep insight into everyday life, in a worrisome tone and with a certain dose of pedagogy, which comes as an opposition to the album's musical layer. This is  by far the most spontaneously and vigorously created album the band has in tow, melodic and singsong. "Dzieciom" was produced by fellow Open'er artist Piotr "Emade" Waglewski of Fisz Emade Tworzywo.

Małe Miasta

Małe Miasta Photo Małe Miasta is a successful attempt to transfer the fashionable r'n'b sounds, fused with hip-hop and electronica, to the Polish ground. Their debut sold 500 copies before even making an official entry to the market. The album was released by Alkopoligamia, one of Poland's key independent labels, whose creator Ten Typ Mes makes a cameo on the album along W.E.N.A. and Xxanaxx's Klaudia Szafrańska. Now, Mateusz and Mateusz test their premiere songs live.

Marmozets - 02.07

Marmozets Photo Marmozets sport the opinion of one of the best young live bands in the UK, are a rising Roadrunner Records star and the influential Kerrang! magazine darlings. They're just closing a tour with Muse.

Marmozets debuted in 2011 with "Passive Aggressive" EP. Their early recordings were closer to Dillinger Escape Plan, but over a few years, they gravitated towards alternative rock and post-hardcore scene. Their first album, "The Weird and Wonderful of Marmozets” was released in September last year and landed at #2 in Kerrang! Magazine's end-of-2014 listing. Metal Hammer and Rock Sound also gave it favourable reviews. However, most of all, Marmozets mean great concerts and we won't be surprised if their Open'er performance equals last year's Royal Blood experience in energy.

Milky Wishlake

Milky Wishlake Photo Milky Wishlake is a young producer, singer, composer and pianist. He debuted at the end of 2014 with a self-produced 20-minute Five Contemporary Songs EP. It allowed him to get signed with NEXTPOP label, who contributed to the successes of BOKKA, Fismoll and Kari. The artist himself lists Queen, Jamiroquai, Talk Talk  and Bjork as his inspirations, while journalists place him next to Sohn, Burial or How To Dress Well.

Modest Mouse - 01.07

Modest Mouse Photo Modest Mouse are one of the groups with fully deserved cult status. They never played in Poland before. It was very close two years ago, but ultimately the band cancelled the entire European tour, including a concert at Open'er. They kept their word to return, this is why we'll see them at Open'er's Main Stage. With a completely new material! The Smiths' Johny Marr appeared on their 2007 album "We Were Dead Before the Ship Even Sank" and toured with the group in support of it, and the LP debuted at number one on the Billboard album charts, one of the greatest successes in American alternative. It took 8 years to make a new Modest Mouse album. "Strangers To Ourselves", the 6th release from the US band, is out on March 15. After getting to know three singles, we already know it'll be an excellent album!

Natalia Przybysz - 01.07

Natalia Przybysz Photo Natalia Przybysz, once an important part of Sistars, has proven over the recent years to have departed far from her first project. The album "Prąd", released last Autumn, was a definite proof of that; there, Natalia not only reveals her full vocal spectrum, but also builds up a perfect, mature repertoire. She mingles her own music and lyrics with the works from Polish classics Niemen and Nalepa, which smoothly correspond with her current blues-soul fascinations. Natalia's popularity is proven by both great reviews and sold-out concerts!


Nervy Photo Nervy are Polish electronica die-hards Agim Dzeljilji and Igor Pudło and drummer Jan Młynarski. Released in late 2014, their eponymous album is a mixture of original samples, synthesizers, live brass instruments and, of course, drums. Nervy will repeat this exact sound on Alter Stage with a live brass band.

Of Monsters and Men - 03.07

Of Monsters and Men Photo Another one from a string of Iceland's musical phenomena that stun the world with their naturality and achieve hundreds of thousands of attendance at their shows. The debut album released in 2011/2012, "My Head Is an Animal”, is not just a popular single surrounded by 10 other songs, but a great, catchy set of songs arranged for different instruments, from brass horns through accordion to bells. Folk as performed by Of Monsters and Men has energy similar to one that the audience got to love with Mumford & Sons and a somewhat magical atmosphere, with enchanting lyrics. Since November last year, Of Monsters and Men are working on a new album. Therefore, in Gdynia, we can expect many new songs.

Of Montreal- 02.07

Of Montreal Photo

Ratking - 04.07

Ratking - 04.07

Ratking Photo Swedish band Refused is yet another Alter Stage headliner. And although their name does not appear in the media particularly often, it is important to stress that this is one of the most influential bands in the hardcore punk history, and their concert in Poland will be a major event for many. It is difficult to even imagine a hader rock band not evoking Refused's influence. And if this is not done, such band probably doesn't understand a highlight the Swedish Umea band and the local hardcore scene was, setting out trends from mid-90s not just in music, but also in social movement. It could be tentatively said that Refused have a blast power similar to the one the legendary Black Flag had in the 1980s. Refused split up in 1998 to return 4 years later. They played several concerts, including festivals such as Coachella and Primavera Sound and headlining all major ones in Scandinavia. Again, they went on hiatus at the end of the year. Now they return yet once more, allegedly not just with live dates, but also with new album!


Rysy Photo Rysy match hypnotic beats with IDM, breaking the sonar experiment with a catchy tune. Results: a "narrative, conceptual project" that you can dance to. Rysy are joint forces of Wojtek Urbański and Łukasz Stachurko (Sonar Soul) with guest vocals from fellow Open’er artist Justyna Święs (The Dumplings).

Skubas - 04.07

Skubas Photo „Brzask” and „Wilczełyko”, two solo albums from Skubas, are unusual for the Polish music scene: intimate, honest, very emotional. Skubas is entirely responsible for songwriting, lyrics and album production, and his recordings are partially made at home. The feeling gets transposed onstage during live performances.

St. Vincent - 04.07

St. Vincent Photo One of the first Open'er 2015 artist collaborated with artists as different at David Byrne, Bon Iver and Swans, touring with Arcade Fire, The National and The Black Keys. She recorded four excellent albums, of which the most recent, self-titled effort, was picked as Album of the Year by NME. St. Vincent is definitely one of the most important artists on the current scene! She bagan her career in The Polyphonic Spree, a line-up of dozen singers and instrumentalists dressed in white robes that stood out from other independent artists. After a short stint as Sufjan Stevens' vast live band, she used her stage experience and good ideas to record her debut album Marry Me. The baroque madness of all the instruments (mostly played by Clark herself!) made Pitchfork reviewer comment: "Humility" isn't the first word that springs to mind", and the album went along with the contemporary works from Arcade Fire or The Decemberists.
She released the follow-up, Actor, on the prestigious 4AD label. - The intimate and more ascetic Strange Mercy (2011) earned Clark endless praise. One of the result was the cooperative album with the legendary David Byrne, Love This Giant, another critical smash that was dubbed "marvelous" by the New Yorker and "magical" by NPR. Clark returned with a solo effort in 2014, and this eponymous album currently closes almost any review of the year in music. It also became a critic's choice, winning with Swans' To Be Kind, an album which, after all, features Clark as a guest performer. A few days ago, she earned her first GRAMMY nomination. Will Open'er host the author of the Best Alternative Music Album? Even yet without the distinctive golden gramophone, St. Vincent is a winner.

Swans - 03.07

Swans Photo Which musical reactivation in 21st century was the most important? When one takes under consideration not a media interest, or the price of a single show at the festival, but a quality of released albums, the answer is obvious - Swans. The band brought back to life by Michael Gira in 2010 is one of the most influential groups in the history of an alternative music. The group worked continuously for 15 years, having in their band only two constant members, previously mentioned Gira and their vocalist and pianist Jarboe. There were many musicians cooperating with the project, among other people Ted Parsons or Thurston Moore. After releasing 10 albums, the band ended their activity in 1997. Their surprising return after a decade of silence resulted in three outstanding albums, which are unrivalled in the precission of recording (as well as the play of musicians), energy that they bring with them and the level of the noise, that is raised to the square especially during the concerts. Moreover Swans' performances are already going into history as not only the loudest, but as well the longest ones - on Alter Stage at Open'er they will play at least 2,5 hour set. The easy - going approach to the duration of compositions is also a domain of their work in the studio. On "The Seer" and "To Be Kind" - two the newest and probably the most outstanding albums of this band - compositions last even 34 minutes. Swans in 2015 are the band, whose strenght does not result only from the quality of their albums (being on the top positions in the ranks summaring 2012 and 2014) or trans concerts, but most of all from the ability to rediscovering on the contemporary music scene without any compromises. Reviewing the brand new album from 2014 "To Be Kind", Bartek Chaciński from "Polityka" wrote "At this stage this band seems to be an alpha and omega of the world of alternative music to the level where it becomes even dangerous."

The Dumplings - 03.07

The Dumplings Photo The first Polish band in this year Open'er line-up is The Dumplings. Authors of one of the loudest debuts in 2014. They were going to show up at Gdynia last year. Unfortunately, health problems of Justyna Święc, the vocalist of the duet become an obstacle. Thanks to this one year stoppage, Open'er audience as first will have the occasion of listetning to 6 new compositions from their new upcoming album. "Music on our new album will be more mature"- they foreshadow. " We are interested in more introvertic sounds, which does not mean, there will be no dance rhythms. Our second album will be a kind of an evidence of what have happened to us when we have met our dreams, and also the dark side of the power of the music industry.” Performance in Gdynia will be the one and only festival concert of The Dumplings this summer.

The Prodigy - 03.07

The Prodigy Photo Some bands are timeless. You wait for their albums regardless of current fads. Moments of weakness or bad times are forgiven to them. They are listed in one  go, when someone asks about bands that helped shape our taste in the days of our youth. Undoubtedly, The Prodigy belong to this exclusive group! 25 years on the scene, the authors of ground-breaking albums "The Fat of the Land" or "Music For The Jilted Generation". Godfathers of the rave scene and a benchmark for many electronica and rock acts of the last two decades. Six years after their last Open'er performance, the group returns to Gdynia to showcase the material from their upcoming album "The Day Is My Enemy", full of energy. The sixth studio release from Liam Howlett, Keith Flint and Maxim is out on March 30. We already got to know the album's three singles: the title track, "Nasty" and "Wild Frontier", and on July 3, in the middle of the night, we'll get the chance to see them live among The Prodigy classics!

The Vaccines - 03.07

The Vaccines Photo Although the release date has not been confirmed yet, "English Graffiti" is one of the most anticipated albums in the UK, and their forthcoming tour is completely sold out. The group ensures that we can expect a huge twist in their sound. The Vaccines debuted 4 years ago with "What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?". Before releasing a debut album, the group gained critical acclaim for their singles, built a large fanbase and won a handful of Best Debuts and Best Newcomers. With the album release and favourable media reviews, they became a crest of the second wave of rock revolution that brought The Strokes and Franz Ferdinand to the top, only to confirm that with the sophomore album "Come Of Age", debuting at #1 in the UK charts.

Thurston Moore - 03.07

Thurston Moore Photo An artist without whom the American alternative scene would not just lose a lot - most of all, it would sound completely different. It is difficult to define Thurston Moore's influence on dozens of bands and hundreds of albums that appeared in the last four decades. In 1976, then-18-year-old Moore moved to New York to play punk rock. In 1981, along Kim Gordon, they formed one of the most important bands in the story of rock - Sonic Youth/ It is worth to recall that their only Polish concert happened at Open'er in the summer of 2007. Sonic Youth released 17 studio albums, and it's but a part of Moore’s discography; over the years, he collaborated with R.E.M., Yoko Ono, John Zorn, Glenn Branca, Twilight and many more. Named the world's 34th best guitarist, he wrote film music, recorded experimental and improvised albums. After Sonic Youth went on hiatus, Moore created Chelsea Light Moving and reactivated his solo project, most similar musically to his original band. He released his first solo album still in 1995. The following LPs were out in 2007, 2011, with "The Best Day" finally coming at the end of the past year. Promoting it, Moore and band appear at Open'er.

Tom Odell - 02.07

Tom Odell Photo A few years ago, he was still travelling on his grandma's car between Brighton, where he studied, and London, where he tried to play in every small club. Today, he is a star, whose debut album "Long Way Down" became a smash hit of 2013, making its debut at #1 of the UK Top 40. Odell's career is an example of great perseverance and a little luck. Without the first one, he would not have met Lily Allen, who, as the boss lady of In The Name Of label, decided to sign the 22-year-old singer up. The second one was meeting Lily Allen at all - it is probably not every day that she makes it to concerts of young guys with lush blond fringes. Even before releasing his debut album (described by one of the blogs as Elton John-meets-James Blake), Odell was shortlisted for BBC Sound of 2013, and with votes from BRIT Awards critic jury, he obtained the award that previously went to Adele and Florence... It says a lot about Odell's starting point. Today, after "Long Way Down”’s success and 53 million views of "Another Love" on YouTube, Tom Odell has two objectives: to record a new album and to find the green Mini Cooper that got stolen just after the artist bought it for his debut album advance money.

Two Gallants - 01.07

Two Gallants Photo

W.E.N.A x E.A.B.S.

W.E.N.A x E.A.B.S. Photo Warsaw rapper W. E. N. A.  And Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions met a dozen months ago during weekly sessions in  the now-defunct Wrocław Puzzle club. A jazz combo improvising with funk, electronica, soul and hip-hop would always invite guests to their shows, but the real chemistry was born during the first session with W.E.N.A... The rapper defined himself as part of a larger organism, perfectly blending his verses between frequent improvs by the entire band. The people gathered at the session instantly felt they were dealing with something unusual on the Polish scene. Now, W. E. N. A. and Electro-Acoustic Beat Sessions collaborate on an LP, due in 2015.

Years & Years - 04.07

Years and Years Photo Years & years are Olly Alexander, Mikey Goldsworthy and Emre Turkmen, three Londoners who made it to the top of the BBC poll this year. Every year, "Sound of..." highlights the artists who, according to journalists and critics, have the highest chances of success and stand out from dozens of debuts. There is another fact that drew attention to Y&Y earlier - their signing to French label Kitsuné, who, for years, have made the public used to new talent discoveries and their debut single releases. Thanks to this, Y&Y joined the likes of La Roux and Klaxons, who also took their first steps in Kitsuné. After singles released for the Parisian publisher, Y&Y signed with a major label, which published their later EPs. The latest singles from the trio, "Desire" and "King", enjoy enormous popularity, slightly recalling the madness the Internet experienced with the Disclosure debut. The latter name is not an accidental comparison, as Y&Y also draw strong inspirations from 90s house music, synthpop electronica and vocals styled to sound like R&B stars from two decades ago.

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