About us

Ticketpro Poland sold its first ticket in March 2004. They shattered all previous ticket sales records of the market in February 2005. The U2 concert, presented later that same year in Slowski stadium welcomed a capacity of 70,000 audience members and was sold out in record time. In July 2005, Ticketpro Poland sold more than 120,000 tickets for the Jean-Michel Jarre concert presented in memoriam of the 25th anniversary of the Solidarnost Political Party funded by Mr. Lech Valesa.

Ticketpro International is a leading provider of ticketing services currently operating in Austria, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, the United States of America, the Slovak Republic and Russia and is continuously searching to forge new frontiers.

Ticketpro knows that for most ticket buyers, the ticket remains the only tangible link they have with the live event they are attending. Ticketpro is therefore committed to offer its services with the highest quality standards guaranteed so as to create a long-lasting relationship with its clients.

Using its own ticketing software, Ticketpro assures that the innovations never stop. Its unique ticket format, its capacity to quickly localize its operations anywhere in the world, the international knowledge it acquires on a daily basis, and its customer relation management approach makes Ticketpro more then just a ticketing company. Ticketpro is a marketing partner!

Selling millions of tickets every year, and being guided by the core principles of a ticketing company «efficiency, reliability and trustworthiness,» Ticketpro is the event organizer’s first choice wherever and whenever possible.