Regulations and Purchase Conditions


    • A. For the purposes of these Regulations the following expressions shall mean as follows:

      1. Regulations – this document regulating the principles of transactions between buyers of Tickets through the website, in particular defining the rights and obligations of the parties of the transaction, namely the buyers of the Tickets and Ticketpro. These Regulations apply to every Ticket purchased through the website for the cultural, social, sports and other events.

      2. Ticketpro – Ticketpro Polska Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Katowice, address: 40-181 ul. Osikowa 45, enetred in the Register of Enterpreneurs conducted by the District Court Katowice-Wschód in Katowice, VIII Division of the National Court Register, under KRS number 000020692, REGON number (National Business Register) 278212548, NIP number (Tax Identification Number) 634-25-24-436, selling Tickets for Events by means of the System. E-mail address:, telephone number 32/352 00 04, fax 32/258 02 52. Click here for more contact data.

      3. Ticket – a document entitling the Client to participate in the Event provided by the Organizer, in principle printed on Ticketpro forms. A special category of Tickets are 'Tickets for people on wheelchairs', namely Tickets entitling a Client to participate in a chosen Event in the zone specially prepared by the Organizer, however available for selected Events, which may be ordered through the e-mail address:

      4. E-Ticket – a Ticket in an electronic form for self-serve printing by the Client, entitling the Client to participate in the Event provided by the Organizer. The purchase of the E-Ticket entails the same rights and obligations as the purchase of the Ticket. In case of purchasing a Ticket as the E-Ticket option the Client shall read the instruction from „Information about E-Ticket”. This option is available for selected Events.

      5. Event – a music, sports, cultural or other occasion provided by the Organizer, being held with the audience, the tickets for which are sold by Ticketpro.

      6. Organizer – a legal person, a natural person or an organization unit without legal personality, who provides the Event.

      7. Client – a person/entity purchasing Tickets in line with the Regulations.

      8. System – the system of selling Tickets provided by Ticketpro through the website:, fixed location points of sales, orders processed through dedicated e-mail addresses.

      9. Network of Ticketpro Points of Sales – all points of sales selling Tickets in Poland, acting in compliance with appropriate agreements concluded with Ticketpro. Click here for the list of points of sales run by business partners of Ticketpro. Click here for the list of affiliate partners.

      10. Payment intermediary – a settlement agent cooperating with Ticketpro, through which transactions made by Clients are conducted and settled.

      11. Transaction fee – fee due to Ticketpro in connection with costs of servicing purchase process completed in the online store

    • B. General Provisions

      1. A purchaser of tickets in any form stipulated in the Regulations agrees to the terms and conditions of the transaction which are defined in the Regulations and is obliged to observing these terms and conditions.

      2. The Ticketpro company is not the organizer of the events for which it sells Tickets. Ticketpro provides sales and distribution of Tickets for respective events organized by the Organizer, on the basis of a separate agreement concluded between Ticketpro and the Organizer. In view of the above, Ticketpro shall not be liable for in particular the course of the Event as well as for the compliance of publicity and information messages concerning the event with the actual course of the Event. The entity accountable for the course of the Event shall be only the Organizer. Any complaints and requests concerning the organization of the event shall be submitted only to the Organizer. Any complaints and requests submitted to Ticketpro and concerning the organization of the Event shall be forwarded to the Organizer.

      3. The Ticketpro company shall not be accountable in any way for the organization of the Event, shall not be accountable for the change of the date, time, venue or cancellation of the Event. Thereby Ticketpro shall not be accountable for any damages suffered by the Client due to the event he/she has purchased the ticket for, in particular shall not be accountable for the costs incurred by the Client in connection with the Event, changes of the Event, its cancellation or its organization. Any claims shall be submitted to the Organizer.

      4. Client (an entity purchasing the Ticket) shall observe the terms and conditions of the Organizer's Regulations. Organizer's Regulations may govern the issues stipulated in Ticketpro Sp. z o.o. Regulations differently. In this case, the Client shall observe the terms and conditions of the Organizer's Regulations in the first place. The Client shall also observe the Regulations of the facility where the Event takes place.

        • Buying a ticket for an event organized by the Live Nation Sp. o.o. Warsaw (02-629) ul. Pilicka 4 (KRS 0000216013, REGON 01579606500000, NIP 5213300869), the Customer accepts the GTC of Live Nation sp. z o.o. - available on the website Live Nation Sp. o.o. here -

      5. The Organizer of any Event reserves the right to change the program, the date and the venue of the Event.

        Before planning a trip to a concert, we recommend you to check on our website or in the informations provided by the concert organizer's if there have been any changes in concert time, location etc.


    1. The procedure of purchasing tickets is detailed on the Ticetpro website in the section Guide – How to purchase tickets for a concert or other event. Here are also described the possible methods of payment and the cost of delivery of tickets, depending on the way of delivery chosen by the Client. Therefore, the section Guide – How to purchase tickets for a concert or other event shall be considered as an integral part of the Regulations. The Client is obliged to purchase Tickets in accordance with the above procedures as well as the terms and conditions of payment.

    2. Implementation of the procedure of purchasing Ticket/s by the Client pursuant to the algorithm of particular steps leading to the finalisation of the transaction constitutes at the moment of its completion and confirmation of the chosen type of payment as well as the form of the delivery/receipt of the Tickets the legally effectively concluded Ticket/s sale contract.

    3. Payment made by the Client for the purpose of the execution of the order shall mean the conclusion of the remote agreement within the meaning of the Consumer Rights Act dated on 30 May 2014 (Ustawa z dnia 30 maja 2014 r. o prawach konsumenta) (Journal of Laws (Dz.U.)2014.827 (U)).

    4. Ticketpro shall not be liable for entering wrong data by the Client into the Ticketpro System. In case of entering a wrong or incomplete address of delivery by the Client, the package may not reach the Client through the fault of the Client. The Client must pay particular attention to proper entering of the data into the Ticketpro System. Where there is any doubt concerning the correctness of the data, the Client shall contact the Ticketpro office. If the reason for not recieving the package is providing wrong data by the client, it will be send again by Ticketpro after paying by the client cost of another package in advance.

    5. Ticket price information is available on the website Additionally Ticket price is presented in the System during the purchase process.

      1. In the case of purchases through the online store, Ticketpro has the right to charge the Client a transaction fee in the amount of 1.9%

      2. A transaction fee is intended to cover flat-rate service cost transactions involving, among others (but not exclusively) the cost of after-sales service (notice, change the terms of the transaction, preparation for implementation of each order and adjust it to your needs), costs of handling payments having been made transaction support in the process of filing order in the case of problems, and - if necessary - mediation in dealing with the Organizer

      3. The information about the transaction fee, (percentage and amount), the price of the ticket and the full value of the transaction is always visualized in the system during the purchase process of the Ticket before the final confirmation by the customer will be made. Information about the price of the ticket is also visible on the website

    6. Depending on the type/form of the Ticket and on the chosen type of payment the sale through the System terminates:

      1. 7 days before the date of the Event in case of Tickets printed and sent by Ticketpro,

      2. 3 days before the date of the Event in case of the E-Ticket option and in case of the receipt of the tickets at the box office before the Event.

      However, in case of the Events with the possibility of the E-Ticket purchase or in case of the direct receipt of the Tickets at the box office payments by bank transfer shall be block 10 days before the date of the Event due to technical reasons.

    7. Ticketpro shall send Tickets after having received from the payment intermediary - the eCard company, the confirmation of paying for the order within the 3-7 working days. The Tickets shall be delivered to the Client through the entity chosen by the Client.

    8. If the Ticket which has been ordered and paid for does not reach the Client no later than two days before the date of the Event, the Client should contact the Ticketpro office in person or by telephone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5 pm.

    9. Ticket/s shall be sold on condition that it/they are paid for during the procedure of placing the order. The order which has not been paid for shall be cancelled by the System within 24 hours. Editing the order which has not been paid for shall not be possible.

    10. In accordance with Art. 38 item 12 of the Consumer Rights Act dated on 30 May 2014 (Ustawa z dnia 30 maja 2014 r. o prawach konsumenta) (Journal of Laws /Dz.U./ 2014.827 (U)) the Client entering into a contract within the System of selling tickets Ticketpro is not entitled to withdrawal from the contract.

    11. Ticketpro shall not be liable for the authenticity of tickets which has been purchased outside the Network of Ticketpro Points of Sales. Purchasing tickets secondhand carries the risk of purchasing an invalid ticket. Organizators clearly inform in their terms and conditions of tickets sale contracts that the resale of tickets at higher prices involves the risk of invalidation of the ticket and deprivation of the right to participate in the Event. Special risk is involved in purchasing E-Tickets secondhand.

    12. The contract concluded in accordance with the Regulations shall be in force from the date of its conclusion till the time of its performance by the realization of the Event by the Organizer for which the Client has purchased the Tickets.

    13. Ticketpro monitors and verifies the ordering process and purchase tickets. In the event that the order or purchase was carried out using the machine, ie. a specially designed software to place orders or make purchases, or in any other manner that interferes with the normal functioning of the system, in particular by restricting other people's freedom to acquire tickets in the normal mode, Ticketpro has the right to cancel the order and delete the account of the user who made the order.


    1. These Regulations apply to any Tickets purchased in the Network of Ticketpro Points of Sales.

    2. As mentioned above, Ticketpro is not the Organizer, therefore with regard to complaints the provisions from section I B item 1-5 shall apply.

    3. Tickets which have been purchased shall not be exchanged or reimbursed. In case of damage, destruction, loss or theft of the tickets the Client should contact Ticketpro in order to discuss the complaint procedure.

    4. During placing an order in the Ticketpro System the Client decides on the way of the tickets' delivery through Poczta Polska, a delivery company, receipt of the tickets before the Event or on using the E-Ticket option. The tickets shall be delivered to the Client through the way he/she has chosen. In case of the loss of the package complaints shall be filed to the respective deliverer of the consignment. In case of Poczta Polska and a delivery company the waiting period for the resolution of the complaint is 30 days. If the result of the complaint procedure from Poczta Polska or a delivery company proves that either the consignor or the sender is at fault, Ticketpro shall inform the Client about this fact. The Client shall receive new tickets or reimbursement of their price and the cost of delivery.

    5. In case of the cancellation of the Event by the Organizer, Ticketpro shall provide such information at its website and may email such information to Clients. Ticketpro shall not reimburse travel expenses, accommodation expenses or any other costs indirectly related to the potential participation in the Event - except for the ticket price of the cancelled Event.

    6. If the Ticket for the cancelled Event has been purchased in a point of sale of the the Network of Ticketpro Points of Sales, the Client shall without undue delay return it to the point of sale where it has been purchased. Clients who have purchased ticke/ts through the website shall send it/them back with the receipt by registered mail to the Ticketpro office at the following address: Ticketpro Polska, sp. z o.o., ul. Osikowa 45, 40-181 Katowice. The Client shall bear the costs of the return of the Tickets to the office. In the absence of the fiscal receipt the Client must send the filled in and signed statement which can be found here.

      NOTE: In accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Finance on Cash Registers dated on 14 March 2013 (Rozporządzenie Ministra Finansów z dnia 14.03.2013 w sprawie kas rejestrujących), from 1 October 2013 in order to obtain reimbursement it is necessary to submit a filled in and signed by the Client the original 'return acceptance protocol'. The Client shall send it back to the Ticketpro office with the Ticket and the receipt or with the loss of the receipt statement. Without the protocol the reimbursement shall not be possible.

    7. All information concerning the Events which has been cancelled as well as changes of the Events are provided in the section Changes of the Events.

    8. In case of purchasing tickets through the E-Ticket option, the Client shall thoroughly read the instruction provided on the subpage E-Ticket. In case of the return of the E-Ticket/s and orders with the receipt of the tickets at the box office directly before the Event, the reimbursement shall be made after the Client has e-mailed the order number at the address

    9. The reimbursement for Tickets for the cancelled Event which have been purchased through the Ticketpro website shall be made to the card or to the bank account from which the payment was made during placing the order. The reimbursement shall be made within 14 days from the date of receiving the Ticket by Ticketpro.

    10. Except for the cancellation of the Event and cases provided for by law, returning of the tickets shall not be possible.

    11. 11. Any claims and questions shall be addressed to e-mail: or in writing to the office: Ticketpro Polska Sp. z o.o., ul. Osikowa 45, 40-181 Katowice.


    1. Ticketpro Sp. z o.o with its registered office in Katowice, address: 40-181 ul. Osikowa 45 gathers, stores and protects the Clients' personal data in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act dated on 28 August 1997 (Ustawa o ochronie danych osobowych z dnia 29 sierpnia 2000 r).

    2. Personal data provided by the Client shall be processed for the purpose of executing the Ticket/s sale contract and, upon the Client's consent, for the purpose of informing about new products, services and promotions offered by Ticketpro.

    3. Personal data provided by the Client may be provided to the Organizer of the Event for which the Client has purchased the Ticket exclusively for the purposes related to the participation of the Client in the Event.

    4. The Client shall have the right of access to their personal data as well as to correct, supplement and to potentially request their deletion.

    5. The Client consents to the processing of their personal data by Ticketpro for the purpose of executing the Ticket/s sale contract, for executing the potential reimbursement or complaint.


    1. The provisions of the Civil Code (Kodeks Cywilny) and the Consumer Rights Act dated on 30 May 2014 (Ustawa z dnia 30 maja 2014 r. o prawach konsumenta) (Journal of Laws/Dz.U./ 2014.827 (U)) shall apply in issues not governed by these Regulations.

    2. In case of disputes with the Client, the court having jurisdiction to resolve them shall be the court having jurisdiction in accordance to the provisions of the Civil Code.

    3. These Regulations shall enter into force on the day of their publication with effect from 25 December 2014

Regulations and terms and conditions of purchasing tickets which were valid until 24 December 2014 can be found at: