E-Ticket it's electronic ticket that You can print on Your home printer - this ticket can be purchased only in webshop.
To buy E-Ticket at the time of creating order You should select "E-Ticket" delivery method (see Image 1).

E-Tickets are always printed by the clients, so deciding on this form of purchase/delivery remember that you must have where to print Your E-Ticket.

E-Ticket - delivery
Image 1

E-Ticket can be printed at any time and any number of times.
To see Your E-Tickets list click on "Download E-TICKET" button in your acount panel. (see Image 2)

E-Ticket - profile
Image 2

Next from list of Your electronic tickets You Can download your E-Ticket as PDF file by clicking "Save E-TICKET" (see Image 3).
Each E-Ticket is printed on one A4 paper sheet.

E-Ticket - download
Image 3
You should use normal white paper.
We strongly sugest to print E-Tickets by Laser Printer.